MELCloud is the new generation of Cloud based control for Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning, Heating and Heat Recovery Ventilation products. MELCloud provides users with effortless control of their devices whether they are out or are just lying on their sofa at home.

Accessing and controlling your Mitsubishi Electric products has never been simpler and is now possible via a wide range of PC, Tablets and Smartphones.
MELCloud provides Live Controls, Scenes, Weekly and Seasonal Timers providing complete flexibility for controlling several Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning, Heating or Heat Recovery Ventilation systems from a single device or location.

Logging and Error notification is also possible from both local and remote systems when they are connected to MELCloud.

Localised information such as Weather Feeds and Customer Support contact details are also provided by the MELCloud application.
An official Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Interface will be required to connect each Air Conditioning indoor unit, Heating system or Heat Recovery Ventilation system to MELCloud.

The Wi-Fi Interface connects to your local router via wireless connection and we recommend that the Wi-Fi Interface is professionally installed.

Please contact your local Mitsubishi Electric branch for more details on how to purchase the Wi-Fi Interface. We also recommend that you check compatibility of the Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Interface with your installer before purchasing.

MELCloud supports the latest ranges of Smartphones from Apple, Samsung, Google, Microsoft, BlackBerry and many more, giving access and control whilst on the move or just lying on the sofa relaxing.

The application is optimised and will automatically detect screen size and resize to fit your phones screen and resolution giving you full control and access on your smartphone screen.

MELCloud supports the latest ranges of Tablets via dedicated apps available from the various App stores.

The MELCloud application is designed to provide an even greater user experience and has been specifically designed to optimise the larger Tablet style displays.

See your controller truly come alive on the latest range of Tablets.

The MELCloud Web App will also run on any PC, Tablet or Smartphone running the latest internet browser versions, even if the dedicated apps do not support your mobile device.

The MELCloud application works with the majority of Internet browsers from Microsoft, Google, Apple, Mozilla and others.

MELCloud is designed to provide the most extensive user and device coverage in the market.

The MELCloud Service is available throughout Europe, and the application has been designed with the majority of European languages supported at release with further language support planned in future releases.

MELCloud has dedicated applications that support the latest Apple iOS, Android and Windows operating systems and will be continuously updated to support the latest mobile devices from the main manufacturers. These applications are free and downloadable from the various European App stores.

Please contact your local Mitsubishi Electric branch about how you could connect your Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning, Heating and Heat Recovery Ventilation products to MELCloud.